heart you fund.

Artists Application Track Fund

The Heart You Fund (HYF) helps support emerging artists into the NFT space through small crypto grants. Artists must apply to the fund here. Once an artist has been approved, they will receive funds to help mint and launch their artwork into the crypto world.

Artists will also receive support and mentoring from Heart You and the Heart You community. All fund transactions are transparent and can be tracked on the blockchain. Heart You Fund grants are given with no strings attached and HYF takes no stake or ownership in artists projects.

Heart You fund is made possible by the generous purchase of "Heart Tao" the 1 of 1 legendary NFT in the Emote collection by collector Thomas Moen for 5.343 Eth.Heart You Fund is run by The Heart You Council (HYC). The HYC reviews artist applications, finds new artists and determines grants for new artists. Please join the official Heart You Discord to meet the council and participate in Heart You.

Heart You Fund Artists

Mari Migraine

Mari is an artist since childhood and now an advocate for the issues she believes in, inspired by her own mental health issues and disability.

"SAD GIRLS, my generative art project, is a way for me to try to expand my voice and the voices of other like minded people. I would describe myself as a digital painter that pours my emotional energy into my work as much as possible"


Evelyn O

Evelyn O is a digital painter exploring painting through different programs.
Rooted in art history, Evelyn’s works often depict both dark and comic themes. Vanitas, characters or situations, the objects/subjects are mere a surface upon where digital paint can be tried, manipulated, layered, tweaked. Through painting digitally Evelyn is trying to find new ways to paint.

Evelyn O Art on Objkt

Femi Johnson

Femi Johnson is a Portrait and Fashion Editorial Photographer i have been a photographer for five years before transitioning into fashion editorials in 2020. The idea of blending colors, skin tones and dress pieces allure me. We have a lot of photographers but not alot of creative photographers, i like to think of myself as one

Femi Johnson Art on OpenSea


YIN is a visual artist who has been creating digital artwork since 2019. Through his work, Yin tells dark narratives with touches of childlike innocence.

With a traditional oil painting background, Yin’s works are deeply influenced by art history and pop culture. Fantasy movies, games, and children’s book illustrations inspire his art style.

The ball-jointed dolls in Yin’s work are his re-imagining of the human form. Abandoning the human body is the abandonment of a person’s original identity. Yin’s dolls are bodies that carry desire, and through them Yin explores the entanglement between identity and desire.




Sundaymanggo is a visual artist who explores sequential images in many forms such as comic-illustration, animation-moving images, and installation.

He focuses on themes related to mundane things, which he perceived from his daily life. Through his works, he tried to make meaning of his everyday experiences, mocking-doubting himself, and playing with his melancholy thought into something more meaningful or redundant.